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City of Valdez Considerations for Event Organization and COVID-19 Mitigation Plans

  2. City of Valdez Considerations for Event Organization and COVID-19 Mitigation Plans
  3. The City of Valdez would like to support the organization of COVID-19 Conscious events in the community. All city sponsored and/or supported events held in the community of Valdez will need to follow the process for approval outlined in this document. All other events are strongly encouraged to implement this same process. The guidelines/recommendations found in this document are designed to be used as a tool to assist you in planning and writing a mitigation plan for your event. These guidelines are not intended to be the determining factor of you holding your event.
  4. Events are defined as special or temporary indoor/outdoor group gathering that will include participants from multiple households, social groups or social bubbles. Gatherings may include a small number of participants or a larger number of people. Examples of events are tournaments/competitions, festivals, marketplaces, parades, concerts, or any other similar event.
  5. The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be mostly spread by droplets of aerosols that are created when a person sneezes, coughs or talks. Personal hygiene and preventative actions, such as handwashing, wearing a mask, maintaining 6 feet of distance where possible, staying home when sick or exhibiting symptoms and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of common spaces, are the most important things to consider when developing actions to prevent the spread of the virus.
  6. Please consider the following sections in your events mitigation plans. Click the box to place a checkmark  beside each action item to indicate this will be put into effect during your event. In the text box following each section, please include details on how these items will be accomplished. Adding extra pages or documents is acceptable if needed.
  7. Creating Healthy Environments
    When organizing an event, you should consider the following items as you develop the event site/space. Depending on the event, you may implement many of the following strategies:
  8. Cleaning and Disinfecting:
  9. Restrooms:
  10. Hand-washing and Sanitation:
  11. Water Systems/Supply:
  12. Food Services:
  13. Creating Healthy Operations
    Organizers will want to consider implementing a selection or all of the following measures to ensure that they do what is possible to create a healthy operation.
  14. Regulatory Awareness:
  15. Protections for Staff, Volunteers, and Attendees:
  16. Creation of Event Policies:
  17. Staff and Volunteer Training:
  18. Recognizing Signs and Symptoms:
  19. Participation Management:
  20. Travel, Transit and Parking:
  21. Designated COVID-19 Coordinator:
  22. Lessons Learned after the Event:
  23. Maintaining Registration and Participation Records
    For the purposes of contact tracing, if an infected person is known to participate in the event or gathering, you need to consider how you will notify the remainder of the participants of their exposure. The following are the items to consider as you write your mitigation plan.
  24. Registrations:
  25. Participation Records:
  26. Managing Traffic and Physical Distancing
    Look at ways to provide proper traffic flow that ensures social distancing measures are in place during registration, parking, participation and departure.
  27. Modified Layouts:
  28. Physical Barriers and Guidelines:
  29. Communal Spaces:
  30. Setting Expectations from Vendors/Contractors (if applicable)
    If your event has vendors or contractors, you should consider the following:
  31. Check List, Registration and Agreements:
  32. Preparing for when someone shows symptoms and/or is confirmed positive
    As an event organizer, you need to have a contingency plan in place to manage the situation if a participant shows symptoms of COVID-19 at the event, reports a positive test after attending the event or is a known close contact to a positive person.
  33. Knowing symptoms & Posting of symptoms:
  34. Process for reporting symptoms/positive test:
  35. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We are looking forward to working with you in anticipation of your special event.
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