Doggy Day Out Program

The Doggy Day Out Program was created to give dogs at the animal shelter a break from their kennel at the animal shelter. To give them a opportunity for a safe outing to benefit their mental health to give them a break from routine and only being inside the building of the animal shelter. It gives the dogs an opportunity to socialize and have other people interactions outside of just staff members.

On the outing its lets us know more about the dogs to give a better description of the animal to provide to potential homes, the pictures during the outings help promote the dog to be adopted, the interactions while on the walks could be interactions with potential adopters. 

How to take part in the dog day out program?

1. During business hours at the Valdez Animal Shelter ask a staff member about the program and see if they have any available dogs to walk? 

2. Complete a liability form to walk the dog which includes all the rules and guidelines for taking a dog out. Any questions regarding the guidelines just ask a staff member. Keep in mind you must be 18 to the be responsible volunteer to walk the dog.  

3. Enjoy spoiling an animal shelter dog, take it on a walk around town, on a hike, for a swim, the dog will be happy to go anywhere you'd like as long as you follow the guideline rules.

For more questions regarding the Doggy Day Out Program call the animal shelter 907-835-2286 for more information. 

Address: 276 Egan East Ave, Valdez, AK 99686

Phone: City of Valdez Animal Shelter (907) 835-2286

Email: Valdez Shelter 

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00am - 4:30pm

(Closed on Sunday's)

Participating Doggy Day Out Shelters 

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