Housing Incentive Program

Adopted by City Council in 2022, the housing incentive program provides a $10,000 cash payment for the creation of qualifying new dwelling units in Valdez. This incentive is set to expire December 31, 2024. Please see the City of Valdez Housing Incentive Plan for more information.


  • Applicant is current on property taxes
  • Project received approved building permit(s) from the City of Valdez Planning Department and extensions are secured, as required
  • Required inspections completed
  • Certificate of occupancy issued before receipt of incentive payment
  • Property cannot be used for short-term rental for a period of five years after award of funds under this program
  • Dwelling unit is located outside of the special flood hazard area

The housing incentive program application process is divided into three parts:

Part I: Application for the Valdez Housing Incentive Program

Part II: Completed if an extension of time is needed to complete the dwelling construction

Part III: Application to complete after issuance of Certificate of Occupancy


Application Process:

  1. Apply for Application Part I after building permit approval
  2. Copy of the fully executed application will be sent back upon approval
  3. Complete Application Part II, ONLY IF an extension is necessary
  4. Complete Application Part III ONLY AFTER issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
  5. Upon approval of application, an award letter will be presented
  6. Payment will be provided via a check



If you need help finding building permit or parcel information, please contact the Planning Department by calling (907)-834-3401 or email Planning Department.

If you have questions about property taxes, please contact the Finance Department by calling (907)-834-3475 or email Finance Department.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Brianne Skilbred by calling (907)-834-3406 or email Brianne Skilbred.