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The City of Valdez maintains a geographic information system (GIS). GIS is a map-based program for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. The parcel web mapping service is a mapping platform for general access to parcel and other publicly available data. The program uses layers to organize information into a familiar map-based format. Data layers are maintained and managed by Planning Department staff. 

This Tool Can be Used For

    Aerial Imagery  

    Parcel Information

     -  Approximate Property Lines

     - Legal Information

     - Ownership 

    Zoning Information

    Permit Applications & Site Plan Creation

    Event Planning

GIS User GuideGIS User Guide Image Opens in new window

This program should seem very similar to other mapping software, such as Google Maps. We have created a user guide to accompany the GIS program that explains features and tools and outlines some of the more complicated functions, such as creating a print page.

GIS Precision & Accuracy

GIS data is gathered from several different sources across a range of timeframes using different methods and equipment. The City of Valdez makes every effort to compile the best possible data, however all data is subject to errors and inaccuracies. Therefor the information provided does not constitute a legal survey or any other legal document and is provided as-is with no warranty expressed or implied with its use or misuse. Please refer to the GIS legal disclaimer for more information. This disclaimer shows each time you launch the map viewer. If an error is found, please bring it to the attention of the Planning Department so that is can be corrected. If the information relates to ownership or property tax valuation, please refer to the Finance department contact below.


For questions about the GIS system and overall data management, email GIS or call 907-834-3401.

For questions related to zoning, land use, flood maps, or code requirements, email Planning Department or call 907-834-3401.

For questions about property tax information or parcel tax records, email property taxes or call 907-834-3475, ext. 1.