Business Economic Recovery Grant 2021

On November 17, 2020 Valdez City Council adopted several recommendations from the Mayor's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force. One of those recommendations involved funding a Business Economic Recovery Grant Program to assist the local business community.

Second Round Grant Flier
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  1. Business Economic Recovery Grant Program Details

  2. Grant Program Description

    The City of Valdez and the Mayor’s Task Force have been working diligently to address the economic impacts from the pandemic felt by our local businesses. In continuation with these efforts, The City of Valdez Business Economic Recovery Grant has been approved by Council and applications are now being accepted!

  3. Program Details:

    • All Valdez registered businesses in 2020 and 2021 are eligible for the grant. (Non‐Profit, and governmental organizations, operations are ineligible for business grant funding. To view the complete list of eligibility requirements please refer to the FAQ document). 
    • Grants will be issued up to $10,000 total per business. Applications will be reviewed by a 3rd party group through the Alaska Small Business Development Center.  
    • The City plans to mail checks to grant recipients prior to the end of the June 2021.
  4. Eligible Businesses:

    Any business that is registered with the City of Valdez can apply. Owners of non‐registered Commercial Fishing operations must have a valid driver’s license with a Valdez address, pay moorage/rental fees to the Valdez Ports/Harbor Department and be an authorized commercial fishing vessel within the City of Valdez.

    • Business must have been a registered business with City of Valdez and the State of Alaska in 2020 and be registered in 2021 also.

  5. Ineligible Businesses:
    • The business is a C Corporation traded on a U.S. stock exchange or a corporate equivalent entity traded on a foreign stock exchange, and owned in whole or majority‐ owned by such a publicly traded corporation.
    • Non‐Profit (and governmental organizations) operations are ineligible for business grant funding.
    • The business is a national chain that owns and operates a premise in the City of Valdez.
    • The business has a City lien or is in violation of a payment agreement with the City.
    • The business is currently in bankruptcy proceedings.
    • The business does not have a permanent physical presence in the City of Valdez for the sale of goods or provision of services, with at least one worker assigned to that facility. 
  6. Program Timeline:

    Application window has been reopened. Grant applications must be submitted by Friday, April 30th, 2021. Applications received after due date shall not be considered. The City plans to mail checks to grant recipients prior to the end of the June 2021.

  7. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions PDF to view all Program Details!

Steps to Apply!

1) Download the Below Application!

2) Submit by email at:


By Mail / Drop off to: 

City of Valdez

Attn: Administration

P.O. Box 307, 212 Chenega St.

Valdez, AK 99686

Click Below to Download and Complete the Application!


Frequently Asked Questions!