Safety Equipment

There will be an increased presence in Port Valdez because of heightened security at the pipeline terminal. For your own safety and to ensure an enjoyable trip, make the following preparations to your boat:

  • Proper display of registration numbers.
  • Current registration papers onboard.
  • Personal floatation devices are available for each passenger onboard, plus one immediately available throwable floatation device.
  • At least three approved visual distress signals for day and night use. Check the expiration dates.
  • At least one type B-1 fire extinguisher for boats up 26 feet in length.
  • Approved ventilation system for boats with inboard gasoline powered engines.
  • Backfire flame arrester for carburetor equipped gasoline powered inboard engines.
  • Sound producing device (whistle, horn, siren, etc.)
  • Navigation lights between sunset and sunrise.
  • Pollution and trash placards for boats over 26 feet in length.
  • Marine sanitation devices must be Coast Guard approved.

To ensure compliance with current state and federal safety equipment requirements, the harbor can arrange a free safety check of your boat with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Contact the harbor at 835-4981 to schedule an examination at your convenience.