Emergency and Disaster Management

Welcome to the City's Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) page. This page is relatively new and will be under construction over the next few years as the city increases its capabilities for EDM prevention, mitigation, and response. As a citizen, you play an important role in this effort; be looking to the future for inclusive opportunities in personal preparedness and enhancements to this page that will model a Whole Community approach. 

The City of Valdez is actively building a contemporary EDM program. One component of EDM within the city is to implement and actively revise our city's new Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). For more information, or to view the EOP, see the Emergency Operations Plan tab at the left. 

The EDM program is actively assembling and training the city's Incident Management Team (IMT), implementing new incident action planning software, creating procedures for mass sheltering, preparing public education, creating MOUs with local stakeholders, establishing the building-blocks needed to identify needs within the local functional needs population, and conducting an inventory and acquisition of needed disaster supplies.  Also, the EDM program recently launched new policy and procedure for a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) program (see the tab at the left).                                                                                                                 

Contact Information

To contact the office of Emergency and Disaster Management please use the following email address:


For impending hazards or active emergencies, contact Valdez Police Department dispatch at: (907) 835-4560 or 911

                                                                                                                               last updated February, 27, 2022