About North and South Harbor BasinsValdez Small Boat Harbor

Valdez Harbors is an essential economic development resource for our community, serving as a significant stimulus for tourism and maritime industries. Valdez Harbors is also a member of the Alaska Association of Harbormaster and Port Administrators (AAHPA) and Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters & Port Managers (PCC).

North Basin (map) has 511 slips and South Basin (map) has 127 slips which are operated by the City of Valdez. The Harbor has a staff of seven full-time employees and hires several part-time employees during the summer. The Harbor is open seven days a week all year. We accept MasterCard and Visa for payment of services.


We have 100', 65', 60', 50', 48', 40', 36', 32', 30', 24' and 20' slips and approximately 1,800' of transient dock space located in the North Basin and approximately 1,400' of transient dock space located in the South Basin. Valdez Harbors utilizes the hot berthing system for transient boaters, which means we use tenant slips for transients when the tenant is out of the harbor. North Basin has two restroom facilities. Restrooms are located at the top of "B" ramp and restroom and showers are located under the Harbormasters office. South Basin has restrooms and showers located on the east side of the warehouse and laundry facilities located on the north side of the warehouse. Additional restrooms are located at the east end of the parking lot. Showers and laundry machines operate on tokens and token machines are available 24 hours and are located outside the North Basin restroom facilities at the Harbormasters office and inside the South Basin laundry facilities. There are also 2 oil disposal sheds. North Basin shed is located across the street from the Harbormasters office and South Basin shed is located in the building at the southeast corner of the parking lot. Additionally, a mobile pump out cart and pump out skiff are available free of charge, however, you must contact the Harbormasters office to schedule the service. There are two stationary pump outs in each Harbor. North Basin has them located at the end of "Tour" Dock and "B" Dock. South Basin has them located at the end of "V" Dock and "R" Dock.        

Mooring Procedure 

Boaters arriving at the harbor via water should call the office on VHF channel 16 to request moorage, we switch to channel 7 for our working channel. Boaters are to traverse the entrance, breakwater, and harbor at a speed not to exceed three miles per hour or at the slowest speed to safely maneuver. Once tied up at the dock, check in with the office to complete paper work for the vessel and pay any harbor fees that may be due.

Boat Registration  

Boaters arriving via the highway should stop at the Harbormasters office, 300 N. Harbor Drive, to register their boat and pay any fees that may be due before launching a boat. There is also a self-pay station at the launch ramp for those vessels that do not require moorage in the harbor. For those that are leaving a trailer or truck/trailer in the parking lot, please also register in the Harbormasters office, there you can inquire about parking options and locations. Also refer to Section II, Uplands Storage of the Harbor Rates and Fees Resolution for applicable fees. 

Alaska Clean Harbor

In March 2020, Valdez Harbors was presented with an Alaska Clean Harbor Certification. Recognizing the efforts to reduce pollution, promote clean boating, and protect Alaska's fisheries and other marine resources. Visit Alaska Clean Harbors web page for information about the program. 

Valdez Comprehensive Waterfront Master Planning Project Completed November 2019

The Valdez Comprehensive Waterfront Master Plan was adopted by the Valdez City Council on February 4, 2020 (Resolution #20-11).  

Valdez Ports & Harbors would like to extend a sincere thanks to PND Engineering and team, Ports & Harbor Commissioners, community stakeholders, and City staff for their dedication to the planning process.  Here’s to a sustainable and collaborative future for Valdez waterfronts!